Friday, Sep. 17, 2010

Keyser Söze

Who is Keyser Söze? If you don't know, stop reading right now and don't push play on the video above.

1995's The Usual Suspects begins at the end. After police discover 27 bodies and $91 million in drug money aboard a torched boat, one question remains: Whodunit? Police question Roger "Verbal" Kint (Kevin Spacey), one of the explosion's two survivors. Verbal's story begins weeks earlier when he and four other criminals, who are pulled in for a lineup, decide to pull a job together. But their plan doesn't go so well after they are roped into working for mysterious and notorious gangster Keyser Söze, a man most every other crook seems to be afraid of and whose bloody reputation hangs over the entire film. When Verbal finishes telling his tale, police release him, only to quickly realize who he actually is. After that, my guess is, they never hear from him again. Just like that — poof, he's gone.