Wednesday, Jun. 22, 2011

Nazario Moreno González

Aliases: El Mas Loco (The Maddest One), El Chayo
Affiliation: La Familia Michoacana
Born: March 8, 1970, in Guanajuatillo, Michoacan
Bounty: $5 million (U.S.), 30 million pesos (Mexico)
What We Know: González specializes in trafficking crystal meth. He converted to evangelical Christianity while in the U.S. and has since written his own Bible, which is compulsory reading for his troops. He invokes principles of divine justice when setting out to defeat his enemies and is also a fan of the Godfather trilogy and the film Braveheart.

UPDATE: Moreno was allegedly shot dead by federal police in Apatzingan in December 2010. His men apparently escaped with his corpse.