Monday, Sep. 13, 2010


We're going to level with you: walking around with a blinking Bluetooth earpiece attached to the side of your head doesn't make you look busy. It doesn't make you look important. It makes you look ridiculous. As luck would have it, there is a very cool alternative on the horizon. The O.R.B., from Hybra Advance Technology, is like one of the Transformers, only much smaller and friendlier. The O.R.B. is a small Bluetooth headset that twists into a ring that you can wear unobtrusively on your finger when you're not on a call. And best of all, while in ring form, it vibrates to notify you of incoming calls and texts, and its small screen displays caller ID or the beginning of the message. The device won an award at last year's Consumer Electronics Show, and it should be hitting stores early next year. This could just be the coolest bling going.; $129