Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

A Clean Campaign

John Hickenlooper is not a very good politician. (His words, not ours!) Why? He "can't stand negative ads." Of course, that's easy for him to say: the Colorado gubernatorial candidate ran unopposed in his Democratic primary and has a comfortable lead in the polls heading into November. Instead of slinging mud, Hickenlooper is busy making lighthearted spots like this one, in which he takes a shower every time he sees a candidate talking trash on the tube. Two things we know about the Coloradoan after seeing this ad: 1) He showers fully clothed. Perhaps this is a bit odd, but considering he's on TV, it's better than the alternative. And 2) He's a budding fashionisto! There's business John in his dapper suit and tie; preppy John in his plaid button-down and denim; casual John in an orange polo and dad jeans; summer John in a bright yellow Hawaiian shirt; and western John with this khaki cowboy hat. Go on, Mr. Hickenlooper, keep scrubbin' and struttin'.