Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Rick Barber's Revolution

Setting: a musty New England tavern circa 1790. Cast of characters: George Washington, President of the United States; Samuel Adams, father of the American Revolution; Ben Franklin, businessman, inventor, patriot; and Rick Barber, a time-traveling congressional candidate with a penchant for overstatement. The scene opens with the four men gathered around a table strewn with maps and guns. Barber is talking about a dystopian future in which taxation is the only law and nothing is at it seems. His angry tone is punctuated by the distant beat of marching drums. After explaining the tyrannical reign of future President Barack Obama, Barber turns to the Founding Fathers and asks, "Are you with me?" Washington responds, "Gather. Your. Armies." Barber, a Republican running in Alabama's Second Congressional District, may not have sparked an uprising — he was defeated by his Republican primary opponent in July — but this humdinger of a campagin video marked a revolution in camp.