Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010

Listen Up: Dale Peterson Is No Dummy

You've probably never cared much about the position of Alabama agriculture commissioner, but that doesn't make this ad any less entertaining. It's hard to say what we like best. Perhaps it's the jumpy editing, which makes each line delivered by Dale Peterson, clad in his cowboy hat and high-waisted jeans, seem angrier than the last. Or maybe it's the colloquialism-laden script, which covers everything from his "dummy" rivals "stealin' yard signs in the dead of night" to Facebook scandals that appear of little or no interest to the horse dutifully standing beside him. Then again, it might be the gun-toting goodness of the moment when he says, "We're Republicans; we should be better than that," as he hoists a rifle into view, revealing that he's been packing heat the entire time. Sadly, Peterson lost in the June primary, so he won't be "naming names" or "taking no prisoners" anytime soon in the Heart of Dixie. If only more people gave a rip.