Monday, Jul. 07, 2003

Citizen Ben Online Ben Franklin
The website for the PBS three-part series. It details all aspects of Franklin's life and includes interactive timelines, stories and quizzes.

The Franklin Institute Online
Philadelphia-based institute for children, dedicated to informing kids about science, history and all things knowledge. Includes a section devoted to the life of Benjamin Franklingeared at kids.

The Electric Franklin
Very comprehensive site with details about Franklin's life, experiments, writings and political activities. Created by the Independence Hall Association.

Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History
Extremely detailed academic work by Professor Leo Lemay of the University of Delaware, compiling Franklin's life activities and writing into a huge Internet timeline.

Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids
Not only does this kids' site detail some of Ben Franklin's life, it also includes a handy guide to the federal government, with different sections for kids from kindergarten to high school.

The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin
Despite the annoying advertisements, this site contains the text of Franklin's autobiography, which ends when he was 51 years old, in 1757.

Ben Franklin and the Armonica
The Armonica, a curious instrument that plays notes on glass, was invented by Franklin in 1761. This site is devoted to the history of the instrument.

An Enlightened American
Yet another biographical site of Franklin, this one even including a genealogy chart

Ben Franklin Busybodies
A site for ordering busybodies, a Philadelphian gadget invented by Franklin that allows a homeowner to look out the window and see who is knocking at the front door.

Ralph Archbold as Ben Franklin
The Ben Franklin imitator (see story) is available for speeches, meetings and conferences

The Papers of Benjamin Franklin
Yale's index of papers gathered through an extensive project to collect and publish the works of Franklin. Includes information on ordering Franklin's volumes.