Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010


Grass-fed strip steak from Kinderhook Farm in Ghent, N.Y., vs. Creekstone Farms grass-and-grain-fed prime steak from Kansas

Riad Nasr (right) and Lee Hanson, Minetta Tavern

Hanson: "The grass-and-grain-fed [Creekstone] is delicious."

Nasr: "There's a deeper flavor from the Creekstone. It's what we consider beefier. It has a richer flavor. More tender in the mouth. On the grass-fed, there's a little more chew."

Hanson: "The fat on the grass-fed, you taste it on the first bite, and then it disappears. The grass-and-grain-fed, you can chew it a few times and you're still getting that fatness and juice. It really coats your palate. It has a longer finish."

Nasr: "On the other hand, there's a nice kind of mineral flavor to the grass-and-grain-fed. It's a beautiful product."

Winner: Grass-and-grain-fed