Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010

Being Lost

The days of asking for directions are done. Smart phones make life so easy. Now countless apps can utilize GPS technology to pinpoint your location and direct you to your desired locale with ease and precision. While it makes getting from A to B a breeze, it means the days of stumbling upon something new and great while lost are probably done. Gone are the times when you might happen across a tasty looking restaurant and pop in for a bite. (Smart phones with restaurant review apps ruin the surprise of trying new eateries, anyway.)

Brainy mobiles are great, but they can also make us lazy friends. Running late to meet a pal? No need to worry. Simply text that you'll be there in 10 minutes. Then they can't get mad, right? Take a wrong turn on the way? Pull out your phone to map new walking directions. Whoops, better text again, now you're 15 minutes late. Geez, what did people do when they had to pick an exact time and place to meet? Oh yeah, they showed up on time.