Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010


When the final episode of Lost aired earlier this summer, fans weren't just saying goodbye to a weekly hour of television entertainment — they were parting with a whole community of people who got it. Losties are those people who logged onto blogs and chat forums seconds after the end of each episode to recount minuscule details and dissect every possible theory, those people who would roll their eyes at anyone who complained the show didn't make sense (and likely quip that you had to start at the beginning), those people who will forever proclaim Lost the best show on television ever. But it went even further than that. For the devoted, Lost was much more than a show — it was a world they entered together each week. From this obsession sprang an online user-generated wiki, called Lostpedia, with more than 5,000 pages of information on the mysterious island and its powerful pull on the plane-crash survivors. And, like the survivors, when it came time to bid the island a final farewell, Losties looked back on the paradise they had called home for six seasons with a mix of finality and longing.