Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2010


When you own something, you take more pride in it. So it's no surprise that the Green Bay Packers — the only professional sports team in America owned by the community in which it resides — has die-hard fanatics. The team, a nonprofit organization since the 1920s, has won more league championships (12) than any other NFL team, all in a city of about 100,000 that is one of the smallest sports markets in the country. While the term Cheesehead began as a comment on Wisconsinites' massive dairy production and the iconic cheese-wedge hats that originated at a Milwaukee Brewers game in the 1980s, the Pack's green-and-gold fan base quickly embraced both. And that's just as well. Considering the team's lowly state since the 2007 "retirement" of legendary quarterback Brett Favre, they desperately need something to rally around.