Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006

Another Scott Peterson?

Rachel Entwistle, 27, and her infant daughter, Lillian Rose, were found murdered in their Hopkinton, Mass., home. Entwistle and her husband Neil, 28, an unemployed computer technician had moved into the house days earlier. When police searched the home and found the bodies, there was no sign of Neil. In fact, he had flown back to his native England. Entwistle was reportedly having financial difficulties in the U.S. and was running into debt in Britain. The couple moved to the States from England because Rachel had wanted to be closer to her parents, but both had no jobs and the money was running out. Prosecutors accused Entwistle of obtaining a gun from his father-in-law, Joseph Materazzo, several hours before he shot his wife once in the head, and his daughter once in the abdomen. He then returned the gun to Materazzo's house in Carver, Mass., and put together enough money to buy a plane ticket to London the next morning. Police later linked the .22 caliber firearm to the murders and Entwistle was arrested Feb. 9 in a London subway station.