Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006

Seattle's Capitol Bloodshed

The only thing Kyle Huff left in this world that would explain why he killed half a dozen people before taking his own life on Seattle's Capitol Hill was a resentment of the rave lifestyle. Police are still searching for clues as to why Huff, a 28-year-old pizza delivery man, would kill six and wound two others before taking his own life as police arrived at the scene on March 25. "I hate this world of sex that they are striving to make," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported he wrote in a letter to his twin brother Kane that was found later. Rave is a nearly two-decade-old youth culture known for huge, all-night dance parties, electronic music, and frequently, drug use. Seattle has long been known as a capital of rave culture and investigators believe it may have sparked an anger within Huff that was harbored until he snapped.