Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2006

Murder Between Friends

Keeping a secret like a murder was too much for Tiffany Hall, 24, and she wound up telling police that she drowned the three children of her pregnant friend Jimella Tunstall and killed Tunstall by stabbing her in her abdomen with a pair of scissors, and then cutting out the fetus. On Sept. 15, Hall called police to an East St. Louis, Ill, park, telling them she had delivered a stillborn child. During the baby's funeral, she confessed to her boyfriend that the child was not his and that she had killed its seven-months pregnant mother for it. Police arrested her after he reported her confession, setting off a frantic search for Tunstall's body, which was found days later, along with her missing children, Demond, 7; Ivan, 2; and Jinela, 1; for whom Hall had babysat. A judge ordered a psychological exam for Hall, who appeared sullen at her arraignment. When asked if she would hire a lawyer or would need a public defender, she murmured: "I don't know."