Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2010

World's Largest Pez; Burlingame, CA

Pez hasn't been this controversial since the Seinfeld episode when Jerry placed a Tweetie Bird dispenser on Elaine's lap during a piano recital. But for the Austrian-based owners of the Pez Company, the small museum that evokes the candy's name in northern California is no laughing matter. When a local couple added what they claimed was "the world's largest pez dispensing machine" in 2006 to their display of Pez dispensers, it was enough to attract the ire of the Pez Company, who sued the museum over the unauthorized use of its brand. The museum has since changed its official name, but the dispenser in question, a 7-foot 10-inch snowman, remains standing to this day in this church of Pez located outside San Francisco.