Thursday, Jul. 01, 2010

David Lipsky

Author of Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself suggests:
This summer I'm going to be a sunburned Martin Amis packhorse. His new novel, The Pregnant Widow, will dent up the tote bag; there's also his great 1984 Money. Money is the best celebrity novel I know: the stars who demand and wheedle their way across his plot seem less like caricature and more like photorealism every year. Amis' narrator is all appetite — a mouth with hands and that's it, plus the loveliest prose voice since Humbert Humbert — for money, pornography, bad food, any stimulation. And he's exhausted by it. The vibe seems just right for this moody summer of loans being called, water going inky and the world turning slippery at the edges.