Monday, Jun. 28, 2010

Everything Everywhere

In 2007, Gary Arndt — onetime Internet consultant and online gaming devotee — decided to pull up his roots and set sail around the globe. Determined to travel expansively, he started posting his experiences online. The result is a widely followed blog, Everything Everywhere, that is anchored by his inimitable personality. In the three years since he left the Midwest, he has ventured to some 60 countries, posting photos, stories and recommendations along the way. It has become a full-time endeavor, and he now uses podcasts, Twitter and even Foursquare to share his tales of New Zealand glaciers, Easter Island and Egypt. Part photo album, part travel guide and part experiential public diary, his blog is best followed from a metropolitan office cubicle, so workers can fantasize about where in the world Gary Arndt is. Maybe one day we'll follow his lead on our own exploration of the wonders of the world.