Monday, Jun. 28, 2010

Deadline Hollywood

It's the breadth, depth and immediacy of Deadline Hollywood's coverage that has made Nikki Finke's blog a must-read for those in search of the latest news on the sets of Hollywood. Covering everything from industry promotions and famous deaths to film development, casting news and box office reports, Deadline Hollywood has emerged as an expansive 24/7 operation, spanning high-brow acquisition talk and low-brow Oscar gossip. What has set the blog apart is the rigor of its reportage. As the industry trade publications slash staff, Finke's 24-year career in journalism as a Hollywood columnist and media-business reporter for LA Weekly provides the kind of access and insight that up-start bloggers can only dream of. Deadline Hollywood, often first out of the gate with breaking news, is able to gather the sort of analysis and attributable quotes that are woefully lacking from other celebrity-oriented blogs. There was speculation last year that Deadline Hollywood's acquisition by Media Corp. might negatively affect the content. But those fears are for naught: the blog is as cutting, breaking and vital as ever.