Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2010

Subway; New York, New York

New York City has Subway franchises aplenty, but the newest location will literally be the highlight of the skyline. Currently located on the 27th floor of the skyscraper, also known as One World Trade Center, being erected at the World Trade Center site, Subway graces the top level of the construction project's dining "pod," one of four moving cargo containers with hydraulic legs built to bring lunch to the workers on the job. Built by DCM Erectors, the pod is an engineering wonder nestled amongst latticed steel bars and two tower cranes, and will be lifted as the building grows to its full 105-story height. The sandwich shop is easily recognized by Subway's trademark bright yellow and dark green logo, and this particular location also sports a patriotic American flag.

Franchise owner Richard Schragger hopes to expand his menu with quintessential New York fast food fare — burgers, hot dogs and pretzels and some Italian favorites, like lasagna and pizza. Construction workers may go for the food, but they also get a great view.