Wednesday, Jun. 23, 2010

The Clink; Surrey, England

Locked away behind guards, 30-foot walls and barbed wire, The Clink is an upscale restaurant with a twist on traditional jail food. The eatery in Surrey, England opened in 2009 and is located at Her Majesty's Prison High Down — a high-security prison. Catering Services Manager at High Down, Alberto Crisci, first proposed the restaurant as a project to train and rehabilitate prisoners. Under his guidance, nine inmates prepare gourmet dishes in the kitchen while 10 more serve as waiters and bus staff.

The Clink serves prison staffers and visitors, but is also open to the adventurous public. Patrons must book in advance to have Home Office approval and pass a security check before entering the dining room. It's a small price to pay for the eatery's locally grown, made-to-order food. The breakfast and lunch menus comprise mostly of hearty British fare, and at the low price of $6.60, main courses are considered a steal.