Thursday, Apr. 29, 2010

Rahul Singh

I believe I speak for all my fellow Haitians when I say how overwhelmed I am by the actions of the many who came to Haiti's rescue in our time of dire need. In spite of the difficulties, their efforts are ongoing. They came spontaneously and expected little in return. I must say that this has lifted me up and greatly restored my faith in the fellowship of humanity.

A shining example of this selfless effort is Rahul Singh, a paramedic from Toronto, who founded GlobalMedic in 1998, providing disaster relief in the immediate aftermath of catastrophes using volunteer professional emergency workers. Singh and his group of volunteers wasted no time in arriving in Port-au-Prince and setting about providing clean drinking water and medical aid wherever it was needed. Over an eight-week period, his team distributed 2.4 million gal. of clean water, while GlobalMedic's two inflatable field hospitals brought medical assistance to more than 7,000 people. They also trained a local team of Haitians to take over the work, and right now that is just what they are doing.

By providing these three essentials: medical aid, water and training, they have left a lasting contribution to a grateful Haitian population.

Bellerive is the Prime Minister of Haiti

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