Friday, Apr. 02, 2010

Crist vs. Rubio

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has been wigging out over a $134 haircut. Not his own — why would anyone trim those blinding white locks? — but one that his challenger in the Florida Senate primary, Marco Rubio, allegedly paid for with a Republican Party credit card. The two duked it out on March 28 in their first debate (televised by Fox News), and the haircut jab was part of a larger attack on Rubio's questionable "slush fund" spending during his time as state house speaker. Marco countered with criticism of Crist's support for the President's stimulus package, and dollar amounts flew back and forth.

Crist had previously said the $134 expenditure might have been for a haircut "or maybe it was a back wax. We're not really sure what all he got at that place." Some interpreted this, as a Sun-Sentinel blogger put it, to be a "thinly veiled attempt by Chuck to tag Rubio as a hairy foreign type from Miami who might need such a service." Others called it an awkward joke. But it's likely that much more hair-splitting over cash will be done before their race is through.