Thursday, Apr. 01, 2010

Breakfast Fizz

Created for TIME by Tony Abou-Ganim and Joel Stein

•1/3 lb. pancetta
•1 ½ oz. rye (Old Potrero recommended)
•¾ oz. Cointreau
•1 oz. maple syrup
•1 oz. lemon juice
•½ egg white
•1 oz. seltzer
•orange rind

As in the Swine Smash, start by rendering the pancetta until all the fat has been cooked out of it and removed. After the pancetta cools, dice it and drop a handful of the meat in a small mason jar of rye.

Let sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours (or as long as three days). Strain out the pancetta. Then move to the liquid to freezer for 3-4 hours so the fat will solidify. Scoop the fat out.

Let the remainder thaw and then fine-strain the small particles with a cheese cloth (or dish towel or cloth napkin).

After that, you can store the infused-pancetta in the fridge for a long time.

Combine the infused rye, Cointreau, maple syrup, lemon juice and egg white in a shaker with ice. Shake. Pour in a tall glass. Add seltzer. Light orange peel on fire (see Burnt Orange, below), which will amaze all. Garnish by dropping orange rind in the glass.

Burnt Orange
Take a ripe orange (navel oranges typically don't work very well) and cut a piece of peel that measures roughly 1 ½ inch by 1 inch. Be sure to get just the skin and as little as possible of the pith, i.e., the meaty white part of the orange between the skin and the fruit.

Use one hand to hold a lit match over the glass, and use the other to squeeze the peel about an inch away from the flame. When done correctly, a quick, firm squeeze between your thumb and index finger, with the pith side facing the match, will result in a burst of flame as the orange oils are released from the peel, imparting a nice orange note to your drink.

See TIME video: Joel Stein Samples Some Meat-Infused Booze