Thursday, Feb. 11, 2010

Sweets for the Sweet

In the right context, a strawberry Charleston Chew, a King Size Snickers, or even a bag of Skittles is better than some randomly selected chocolates, even if they do come in a heart-shaped box. It all depends on if there's a candy that means something to the recipient. As a kid on Halloween, did she double back and trick-or-treat at the same house twice because they gave out full-size Baby Ruths? Then she might get a kick out of getting one for Valentine's Day. If no specific brand stands out, think quality rather than quantity. Give a few pieces of really good chocolate instead of a suitcase-sized box of something that's on sale — and likely stale. Beware of giving too little, however: You might be accused of trying to send a stealth message. As in, "What, so I'm too fat to get more than three chocolates?"