Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010

Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky wasn't the only woman to make Bill Clinton's personal life public. Gennifer Flowers, pictured here, who met the future President in 1977 while working as a news reporter in Little Rock, Ark., claimed that she maintained a relationship with Clinton for more than 12 years. At one point, Clinton allegedly helped secure her a job with the state.

Flowers first came forward with the affair during Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, prompting the then governor to deny it on 60 Minutes. Flowers then revealed taped conversations between her and the candidate. (Clinton admitted to the affair in 1998, in a deposition for a case brought by Paula Jones, a former state employee who accused him of sexual harassment.) Still, Clinton won the election with 43% of the vote to George H.W. Bush's 37% (remember Ross Perot? He snagged 19%). Rumors of Clinton's womanizing continued over the next few years, but he was re-elected by an even wider margin in 1996 — only to be brought low by the Lewinsky scandal toward the end of his term.