Friday, Jan. 22, 2010

Try Thailand's Best Fried Chicken

In Bangkok, you can often tell the quality of a restaurant not by the decor — fluorescent lighting, chipped dishes and wobbly Formica tables — but by the line of Mercedes and BMWs parked outside. By that standard, the humble fried-chicken eatery on Soi Polo (Polo Lane, so named because the posh Polo Club is down the street) is superlative. High-society ladies scurry out of their air-conditioned cars for the sublime chicken marinated in fish sauce, coriander root, white pepper and a slew of other ingredients that would shame Colonel Sanders. A generous shower of crispy garlic completes the dish, along with a choice of two spicy sauces. Price for a whole fried chicken: around $3.

— By Hannah Beech