Tuesday, Jan. 05, 2010

Amy DeChant

On Jan. 3, 1998, America's Most Wanted aired a segment on the "Black Widow": Amy DeChant, wanted for the 1996 murder of her boyfriend, wealthy Las Vegas bookie Bruce Weinstein. She had tried to make his death out to be a mob hit before skipping town. AMW was immediately flooded with tips from an unlikely place: Sunnier Palms, a Florida nudist colony. "Most of our fugitives try to stay pretty well hidden," said show co–executive producer Philip Lerman at the time. "It's kind of fitting that for our 500th capture, we found the one fugitive who clearly had nothing to hide." DeChant was convicted of murder in October 1998. The Nevada Supreme Court overturned the ruling in 2000, and in 2001, after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, DeChant got 10 to 25 years.