Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2006

Field Reporting

Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone
Veteran war correspondent Kevin Sites, known for his deft use of digital newsgathering techniques and compelling narrative style, continues his work covering conflicts in all parts of the globe. Upon moving over to Yahoo in September 2005, (his site is part of Yahoo News), he embarked on a yearlong mission: to cover every armed conflict in the world in 12 months. From the home "Reporting From" page, click Past Locations for links to his multimedia reports from 17 other troubled regions, from Cambodia to Kashmir; scroll to the bottom of that page for a link to his groundbreaking coverage in Iraq in 2004. For a different perspective, read Baghdad Burning, one Iraqi woman's wartime diary, or Healing Iraq, by Baghdad dentist/blogger Zeyad A. And Lisa Goldman's blog, On the Face provides insight into the Israeli-Lebanese conflict. U.S. soldiers are also active in the blogosphere; click here for Time's list of the best ones or visit, a searchable index of more than 1,400 military blogs in 27 countries.