Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2006

Stuff to Buy

Mighty Goods
Here blogger Margaret Mason of San Francisco cheerfully identifies cool things to buy and provides links to the websites that sell them — like the sheep mobile from and the Hammerhead shark wallpaper-by-numbers from 2Jane. Her prose is tight and upbeat — the tagline is, appropriately, "Hooray for stuff!" While ads do appear in the margins (hey, a blogger needs to make a living too, or at least cover her expenses) Mason does not accept paid placements or postings (though she gets a share of some click-throughs — items sold at items for example — but this arrangement affects only a small percentage of posts, and, Mason says, does not influence her writing). Best feature: the grid-view option, which displays just the photo images from posts in a particular category, for quicker scanning. For more cool stuff to buy, check out Uncrate, a shopping blog for guys, and its sister blog, Outblush. Worried about the environment? TreeHugger blogs for consumers like you.