Wednesday, Jul. 19, 2006

Video Blog

The 9
Each weekday morning, this vlog delivers some of the latest-greatest stuff that can be found online — video clips, movie trailers, online discussions, blog posts, news stories, quirky websites — as a five-minute streaming videocast starring the foxy (if unnaturally tan) host, Maria Sansone. The must-clicks, presented as a countdown and linked from the home page, range from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day to movie-poster spoofs in (an homage to David Hasselhoff) . Honorable mention goes to Rocketboom 2.0, a mix of Daily Show-esque reports, Web news and commentary on Internet culture. (We lament Amanda Congdon's recent departure as host, but new host Joanne Colan seems up to the task; check out her July 14 bit with the funny folks from Tiki Bar TV. ) For more silliness, head to Ask A Ninja . And be sure to stop by It's Jerry Time!, for hilarious, cleverly-animated "true-life" tales.