Monday, Jun. 20, 2005

An ambitious guide to what's on television. The All Shows index is organized by category (Comedy, Drama, Children's Talk, Soaps, Reality, Sci-Fi and so on); browse from A to Z or by decade. You'll find everything from the Life and Times of Juniper Lee to The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin. But of the 14,000 shows in the database, only 2,500 of them have content that's fully fleshed out, so the idea is to have fans help fill in the rest. Register for a free account to write (or edit) plot summaries and episode recaps, contribute trivia tidbits or write reviews. (The website's editors review every submission before it is posted.) The News page reports tidbits like Patrick Stewart's heart-attack scare and Megan Mullally's talk show deal. For a snarkier take on what's on the tube, there's always