Monday, Jun. 20, 2005


Mercora (*this website is no longer active)
Got a fabulous digital music collection, but don't like breaking the law to share it? This peer-to-peer service is legal, because listeners don't actually download any music. Instead, they stream music on their computers that is webcast over the Internet by other members. (The company does have to pay webcasting royalties to copyright holders, and charges some user fees to cover them.) The offerings are listed in the traditional peer-to-peer way, noting artist, album, song title—in this case, the one currently playing—and source. Basic service is free, but limited to 30 minutes of listening a day. For $5 a month ($48 if you pre-pay for the year) you get unlimited listening time and can save up to 10 hours of programming for listening later. Premier members can also download the IMDJ application and create up to five different channels. Honorable mention:, which makes independent and community radio available for streaming or downloading to your portable audio player.