Monday, Dec. 14, 2009

Beer Bath

Chodovar Family Brewery, Chodova Plana, Czech Republic

A tour of the Chodovar Family Brewery right outside Prague is not complete without partaking in a real beer bath. Visitors soak for 20 minutes in dark Bathing Beer — a family recipe of active beer yeast, hops draft and mix of dried crushed herbs — heated to 34°C (93.2°F). The heat helps sweat away toxins, hops exfoliate the skin, and the active beer yeast infuses it with vitamins. Optional, but recommended: toss back a glass of Chodovar lager. After scooping your beer-drenched self out, you can rest a bit underneath a warm fleece throw.

Beer soaks ($35) can be calming, according to the brewery. It can also help with skin problems like acne. Not for those with high blood pressure, pregnant women or anyone who might be tempted to drink from the tub.