Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009

Dr. Conrad Murray

When the Los Angeles Police Department declared Michael Jackson's fatal overdose to be a homicide, all eyes turned to Dr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who was attending to the pop icon the day he died. An autopsy revealed a disturbing cocktail of powerful drugs in his system, including an anesthetic that is usually reserved for the operating room and was apparently prescribed by Murray as a sleeping aid. Hired to be Jackson's personal physician during his ill-fated world tour, Murray failed to call 911 when he discovered on June 25 that Jackson wasn't breathing — after nearly 30 minutes had passed, Jackson's bodyguard placed the call. In July, members of the Drug Enforcement Agency and the LAPD searched Murray's Houston office — agency officials were careful not to use the word raid — but so far he has not been charged with a crime. Murray returned to work on Nov. 23. Brian Oxman, an attorney and former spokesman for the Jackson family, told reporters regarding the ongoing investigation, "A big spotlight is on Dr. Murray, but it's not the only spotlight we're going to see."