Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009

Lightning Bolts, Take Two

Remember when Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt broke all those world records at the Beijing Olympics without appearing to break much of a sweat? Turns out he was a bit of a slowpoke back then. During the 100-m final at the track-and-field world championships this summer in Berlin, Bolt broke away from the field at the 30-m mark. In Beijing he showboated to the finish; here, with American Tyson Gay charging hard behind him, Bolt didn't put on the brakes or start celebrating before he crossed the finish line. Bolt's time, 9.58 sec., smashed the 100-m mark he set in Beijing by 0.11 sec., the largest world-record improvement since electronic timing began in 1968. With the 200-m competition starting two days later, Bolt didn't have much time to celebrate. "I doubt I will get a world record in the 200," he said. Liar! Bolt finished the final in 19.19 sec., beating his own historic time once again.