Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009

Casio G-Shock GW7900B-1

Known for being rugged, Casio's G-Shock watches have long been the timepiece of choice for extreme athletes and other reckless folks. At the top of the heap is the newly revamped G-Rescue series GW7900B-1, which features a tough solar panel that refuels a high-capacity battery nonstop. The end result is fewer or no battery changes. A built-in radio system receives time-calibration signals from six transmission stations scattered across the globe, ensuring that you'll always be on time wherever you are. The GW7900B-1 also has a new case, which is much larger than previous models', with a four-point protection system that's anchored by four large screws. Additional shock absorbers on the back of the case help protect the integrity of the watch from impact. The black-on-black color is also ridiculously good-looking and cool. Price: $150.