Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009


The pilot of this serial ended with the question "Where are we?" Season 5 asked, "When are we?" One season away from its conclusion, TV's wildest and most inventive mystery felt free to get truly weird, committing to a time-travel story line that delved deeper into the secrets of the Island and took viewers on an Einsteinian ride. But Lost never let its hard-core sci-fi turn get in the way of the characters and relationships that make the show truly compelling. It's a testament to the show's bench strength that it made fans deeply mourn a new character (Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, shot by his own mother — before he was born) while allowing us to see new sides of old friends (especially Sawyer, a.k.a. LaFleur, whose self-discovery and self-sacrifice make Josh Holloway the standout player this season). The finale promises to be the TV event of 2010, and you'd be crazy not to follow it whenever it goes.