Tuesday, Dec. 08, 2009

Guess Again by Mac Barnett; illustrated by Adam Rex

This book is, in text-messaging terms, LOL. Each rhyme per page asks a question and there's a seemingly logical rhyming answer on the next page that any kid can figure out — not! For when you turn the page — behold, a nonsensical response accompanied by a hilarious illustration. To wit, "Who's got white teeth and fiery breath/ And scares Sir Frank the Brave to death?/ This frightened knight must stop his braggin'/ Who's spooked our knight? That's right! A [turn page] dentist, Dr. Larry Roberts." And there stands the doctor, holding a sword-size toothbrush and looking scarier to Sir Frank than any dragon. My only complaint: I wanted more of these seven delicious rhymes. They are simply AWSM, er, awesome.