Monday, Nov. 30, 2009

Jonathan Parker is ... allegedly breaking into a house

You know you're a Facebook addict when you can't even burgle a house without logging in. In April a burglar outside Rome logged in mid-heist to post a few messages on his Facebook wall but forgot to log out before he left. Police sniffed out the alleged criminal and recouped the stolen cash and jewelry. "He did not expect us at all and was very surprised when we told him how we had tracked him down," said Major Ivo Di Blasio of the Italian police. Incredibly, another would-be burglar made the same mistake four months later; in August, a woman in Martinsburg, W. Va., found two diamond rings missing from her home — then noticed that her computer was still logged into a Facebook account she didn't recognize. Police followed the virtual trail to Jonathan G. Parker, 19, and arrested him.