Monday, Nov. 29, 2004

iPod Add-Ons

1. H20 Audio SV-iPod ($150)
A watertight case keeps your standard or Mini iPod dry even in the pool or at the lake. The shocking twist: with the included headphones, you can listen to music while submerged

2. Griffin iBeam for iPods ($20)
The flashlight, previous page, and laser pointer come as a yin-and-yang pair. One helps you find stuff in the dark; the other is a proven tool for annoying house cats and rock musicians

3. HP iPod Tattoos ($15 per pack)
Make your own custom cover, or download free ones from HP. This mildly adhesive paper comes in 10-packs, so if you get bored with one design, you can peel it off and replace it

4. iPod Photo ($500 to $600)
The color-screen iPod synchs music and photos and comes with up to 60 GB of space to hold both. And it can connect to a TV, so you can add music to your (let's be honest) boring vacation slide shows