Tuesday, Dec. 01, 2009

Timothy Geithner

Pro: After a shaky start over $35,000 in unpaid taxes, the new Treasury Secretary has emerged as a key, powerful player in the Obama Administration's efforts to stablize the financial markets and the broader economy. He helped push a $787 billion stimulus plan that most economists credit with staving off a deeper recession and is the point man for the White House's push to strengthen financial regulation.

Con: The former head of the New York Federal Reserve has appeared at times to be too cozy with his former neighbors on Wall Street. He oversaw a bank bailout that critics say was too generous to the fat cats who caused the financial crisis in the first place, and he allowed AIG to keep paying big bonuses to its traders. He also oversaw the bailout of Detroit's ailing auto industry, and the Administration's stimulus plan hasn't stopped the unemployment rate from hitting double digits.