Monday, Nov. 13, 2006


1. iPod nano (PRODUCT) RED $200
It may sound like an ordinary 4-GB iPod—and it costs the same—but thanks to Bono and pals, $10 of the money you spend on this striking scarlet music player goes to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. More info at

2. Griffin iKaraoke $50
Clip this retro-style mike to an iPod, and it cancels out any song's lead vocals, making room for your own (no doubt vastly superior) performance. Add reverb, then plug it into a boom box or a car stereo, and just like that you're a karaoke star.

3. Memorex iFlip $200
We're glad that the iPod can play movies, but its screen is still too small to do justice to the great Hollywood moments. At 8.4 in., the widescreen on the new Memorex iFlip is large enough to let you share your flicks (and photos) with the person sitting next to you.

4. Farm Fresh Lightcast $60
Connect an iPod (or another music player) to the Lightcast, and its 33 LEDs will dance on your ceiling like Lionel Richie. You can adjust the lenses for sharpness and pick a mode to suit your mood, from Smooth to Pulse.