Monday, Nov. 13, 2006

Music to Your Ears

1. Logitech DJ Wireless Music System $250
This marvel wirelessly streams any track—including ones you bought on iTunes—from your PC to your living room. The remote displays the name of every song on your hard drive

2. Bose QuietComfort 3 $350
The noise-cancellation king unveiled a smaller pair of headphones this year. Now when you relax on a plane, tuning out the jet noise and chatter, you won't look like ground crew.

3. Polk Audio I-Sonic $600
An all-in-one music system for kitchens, studio apartments and other tight quarters. It plays CDs and DVDs. It tunes in regular radio and HD Radio, a new commercial technology now on the air. If you buy a $60 XM antenna, it even receives XM radio

4. Sirius Stiletto 100 $350
The latest portable unit to take satellite radio out of your car. In case of spotty reception, you switch to wi-fi and get Sirius over the Internet. Record songs to memory by tapping the "love" button.