Monday, Nov. 13, 2006


1. Mio H610 DigiWalker $450
The Mio wins points for being the cutest GPS navigator, and it wins even more for being so versatile. It doubles as a PDA, and the WorldMate software can keep track of flights and weather all over the world. Not only does it convert currencies from country to country, it also converts clothing sizes.

2. Garmin StreetPilot c550 $850
The Cadillac of portable navigators, it gets traffic alerts from ClearChannel in 50 cities. (The first three months are free.) You can download a 3-D icon to represent you on its map. It even has an antitheft lock!

3. Delphi NAV200 $380
It's the lowest -priced ready-to-use portable and we can't figure out why. Sure, it's a bit sluggish when launching the navigation program. But the NAV200 uses the same great GPS chip as the Garmin and Mio, and like more expensive devices, it reads street names aloud and plays MP3s.