Sunday, Nov. 16, 2003

Car Boat

Inventor: Gibbs Aquada

If you're wondering what to get James Bond for Christmas this year, read on. The Gibbs Aquada looks like a sporty roadster, but drive it into a suitable body of water, press a button and in 12 seconds flat its wheels tuck gracefully under its body, and you're boating, not driving. The Gibbs Aquada can do 100 m.p.h. on land and a cool 30 m.p.h. afloat, powered by a proprietary jet-propulsion system that generates nearly a ton of thrust. If you're not superspy material, don't worry: the Aquada comes with special sensors that keep it from accidentally transforming itself at embarrassing moments—say, when you're cruising along on dry land.

Availability: Now, about $250,000
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