Monday, Nov. 18, 2002

Comfort Bedding

Inventor: Outlast Inc. of Boulder, Colo.

Are you having a love-hate affair with your blankets? Do you throw them off at 2 a.m. because you're too hot and then desperately cocoon at 6 a.m. to warm up? Perhaps you need Outlast's new Adaptive Comfort bedding. It introduces climate control where it counts — under the covers. The pillow, mattress pad and duvet cover look quite conventional — boring even, as they come only in white. But each is sewn with a layer of tiny capsules, called thermacules, that absorb, store and release heat as needed to regulate temperature. A version of this "phase change" material, originally developed for NASA for use in astronaut gloves, has appeared in ski boots, ski helmets and other cold-weather gear.

Availability: Now, $29.99-$179.99
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