Monday, Oct. 26, 2009

Reinvest In Yourself

The pace of economic change is only growing faster. You may already be in your third or fourth job and possibly even in a second career. Switching industries and changing job descriptions is the norm today. Boomers — that irksome generation in front of you — changed jobs an average of seven times during their working years. You may do so even more frequently. It's critical, especially at this age, to not grow stale. You must protect your income by attending seminars and conferences and networking at trade associations to stay connected and abreast of needed skill sets , and by taking advantage of on-the-job training or even going back to school to earn a degree or accreditation that will boost your earning power and show employers you are staying current with their needs. Investing in yourself doesn't always mean money; it could be as simple as joining a charitable group or becoming a mentor to develop a broader world view and demonstrate (or acquire) skills and interests that round out your profile.


Planning For Retirement: Your 40s

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