Wednesday, Sep. 09, 2009

Q&A: Giorgio Galli

Galli, 47, is the founder of Milan-based Giorgio Galli Design Lab and creates watches for Timex Group brands, including Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, Nautica and TX.

What goes on at the Design Lab?
We are designing for most of the Timex brands. Each one has a different DNA, so we listen to what the brand essence is, and we try to amplify it and translate it into watches.

What brands do you admire, beyond the watch industry?
Hermès and Apple, for their unmistakable style, quality and integrity without compromise and great products.

What is the current trend in watchmaking?

Things are changing quite dramatically. I would term it a new modesty. There is not any more ostentation. We see higher-end brands going a little bit simpler, classic, understated. With Timex, we anticipated. We brought back some of the old styles. We really tried to bring back the heritage of the company. Heritage is very important.

Is it true you wear three watches at a time?
I change watches every hour or so. In the office, we try new things. At home, it depends on my look. I match it to my outfit. A watch is not just a beautiful instrument. It's really an accessory that tells you a lot about someone. Especially for men, because it's the only way a man can express himself other than clothing.