Tuesday, Sep. 08, 2009

Bronx Bombers

When four men were arrested in May 2009 on charges that they planned to bomb a series of synagogues in the Bronx and shoot down airplanes using surface-to-air missiles, New York City officials touted the arrests as a law-enforcement coup — the result of a "painstaking investigation" over the course of nearly a year. But as authorities released details of the plot, the bust seemed underwhelming at best. While there's evidence the men wanted to commit an attack, they spent six days trying to procure firearms before eventually settling on a single pistol. The plot's purported leader, James Cromitie, said he was stoned for many of the operations. Even the FBI admitted he was bumbling: "This guy had every intent but limited capability." The would-be bombers are awaiting trial on terrorism charges in New York City.