Monday, Sep. 07, 2009

Miyuki Hatoyama

Clearly, opposites attract. Just consider the marriage between incoming Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and his wife Miyuki. While Hatoyama, head of the upstart Democratic Party of Japan, is largely viewed in Japan as one of the duller members of a fairly colorless profession, Miyuki, an inspirational speaker and former actress, is literally out of this world. She has recently written a book in which she revealed that her soul has traveled via UFO to Venus — a planet she described as "an extremely beautiful place" and "very green." She also confessed to eating the sun ("Like this: yum, yum, yum. It gives me enormous energy") and hanging out with Tom Cruise (in a previous life, when Cruise was apparently Japanese). Hatoyama, who harbors ambitions of starring alongside Cruise in a movie one day, knows exactly what she'll say to him when they cross paths on set. "He would recognize me when I see him and say 'Long time, no see!,'" she told a TV talk-show host earlier in the year.